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Totally different approaches to the treatment of illness at all human levels have been devised, some by ancient societies where they are still effectively applied, others in our own Western society in which new causes of disease and accidents have developed since the Industrial Revolution. Each of these different approaches results from the acceptance of a specific type of metaphysical, religious or psychological premise concerning the nature and purpose of man, life and the universe. Yet in the United States ONE approach to medical knowledge and expertise has received official sanction; a fact which reflects the glorification of our also officialized worship of empirical and materialistic science and of modern technology.

A few other approaches, such as "spiritual healing" are allowed to operate, thanks to legal subterfuges, but bureaucratic controls dominate the medical and psychological field. Only ONE type of education is available in college to the would-be doctor and practicing psychologist; and political ambition, business pressures and the making of large profits are constant features of these fields, as of many others.

Now we are asking ourselves the question: What is political astrology? I mean to tell you, my friends, that this current triple series of Saturn to Pluto oppositions which were first exact in August of and will finish their course in May happen to be an unprecedented event in the history of these United States Of America! The evidence is all around us, the facts are quite clear.

There is a deep and pervasive desire among Americans to bury their heads in the sand, to be unconscious Pluto regarding their mental-verbal processes Mercury , to be rather introvertedly preoccupied with Mom, Home, and Apple Pie Cancer , to be mentally living in the shadow of their feelings.

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And these unconscious, mental-verbal traits are most pronounced when Americans deal with money, land, and their values. Our minds Mercury tell us the whole subject and very many others is totally Taboo Pluto. But will we do it, can we do it? We Americans, like the Hobbits, are very attached to our homely comforts because the core of our collective astrological identity, the Sun —rests in the sensitive, comfort loving sign of Cancer.

Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the Womb, and the Home; it is a water sign deeply concerned with the realm of personal feelings and shared, intimate nurturing. Every history book points that out. Few contest it. Comfort, good food, happy times, home, and family are the quintessential delights of the sign Cancer. The common folk of America all know and feel this truth, but is there a Frodo or a Bilbo Baggins amongst us who might arise to carry the One Ring back to its Mount Doom source and throw it willingly into the only fires which can undo its spell?

America is at a Crossroads Pluto is crossing its Ascendant and about to determine its future. Is there any chance that Americans as a whole can wake up out of their comfort loving predjudice long enough to untangle themselves from the spreading shadows of the One World Corporate Elite? Who knows? A Hobbit is a habit by any other name, and the habits of American Hobbits can be astrologically understood by studying the birth chart of their collectively proclaimed Declaration of Independence.

The Incredible Story of These Twin Brothers Beating the Odds Will Hit You Right in the Heart

Being inclined to ease, and creatures who have always loved their comforts, most American Hobbits —it is safe to assume- have never bothered to consult the map of their Declaration as it is written in the stars. For your convenience a few graphics have been introduced so that you can see for yourself the symbols of all the planets as well as the signs of the zodiac.

Now, Welcome to America! Their feelings tend toward inflation. They will eagerly swallow heaps of white sugar, prozac, praxil, and zoloft, then wash it all down with a few cups of coffee before they will face a low-down feeling. They just gotta be righteous and think positively!

There are Moonshiners among them playing Monkeyshines, -a game unique to themselves, especially when they are bloated to the gills on their own congratulatory self-satisfaction! Cancer, after all, is the sign of Mom, food, and clannishness so as long as they feel safe in their homes, loved by their Moms and loved by everybody else, too they are relatively harmless as folks go.

No use complainin, as Porgy says. Get along now, little doggie. Gore Vidal may not be interested in astrology, but in this case he certainly hit the nail on the head! Their actions tend to escape them. I mean, these Americans could end up being the most evasive, escapist of aggressors among nations. For all their charm and friendliness, they are evasive, escapist, and terribly afraid of something they know not what!

They are unconsciously compulsive and obsessive over money and possessions, they are oblivious of having ancestors who murdered the original inhabitants of the Land on which they live. Aquarius, as a sign of the zodiac, is a symbol of the Collective One Mind of Mankind. American Moon Women of the Aquarian persuasion lead the females among all nations toward fighting for their Equal Rights. Outrageous, courageous folks are these folks born in a nation with the Moon in Aquarius. Alas , the one big drawback of the sign is its tendency to abruptly cut-off all feeling and remain aloof!

But, is there? But wait, perhaps this America of superheroes and wonder women incongruously coexisting with contented hobbits has already Gone With The Wind? Maybe those thousand famous points of light veiling the infamous Gulf War were not just the flickering radiations from depleted uranium shells, maybe America is ready to put its collectively retrograde mind to better uses. Surely many among us have reflected and seen the dark power luring us to our doom, the hidden wastefulness of our abundance, the deep Plutonian addiction of our unconscious contract with the Underworld of Money, Fear, and Corporate Global Power?

Certainly there must be something wholesome and positive about Americans and our country. Are you not just another one of those lame-duck astrologers you rail against? Where is the beauty, the joy, and the Magic of America? What of our spiritual soul? The Orcs have us surrounded. The primordial Balrog is ready to rise up and demand our doom.

And yes, the wizard light borrowed from our whimsical Gandalf friend grows dim, indeed. Was it really the great melting pot, where men from the creative continents were smelted back again, not to a new creation, but down into the homegeneity of death?


Was it the great continent of the undoing, and all its peoples the agents of mystic destruction! Was that America? And all the people who went there, Europeans, Negroes, Japanese, Chinese, all the colors and races, were they the spent people in whom the God impulse had collapsed, so they crossed to the great continent of the NEGATION , where the human will declares itself 'free', to pull down the soul of the world?

Was it so? The negation which is the life-breath of materialism. Lawrence; A. Knopf; , Borzoi Books; pgs. Am I asking you a rhetorical question, flying on the winds of my own inflated words? Or have we found here a real clue, you and me? It is your President. Who believes he can give you absolution for your secret sins?

It is your Priest. It is your Banker. What interest do all three of these people have in common? It is the desire to hold your interest in trust in Public Offices of consensus Authority. Who gives such Office holders such consensus Authority? But our gifts must be freely given in good faith while their interests are compounded daily. Can you spell swindle? Do you smell anything ever so slightly foul in this arrangement? What does it mean to give someone your word?

Words are alive. You can hear them listen to themselves. And like people, some words are more alive than others. Every breath you take, every word you shape listens to you. But only if you are listening to it. Are you listening?


What do you hear? Do you ever listen with your eyes? Who speaks with a forked tongue? Look, a cross is a T, and if we cross our hearts we can hear that T we otherwise only see. Can you hear it with the ears of your heart? It's an interior dimension born of the heart.

The threshold of Saturn , the source of Authority. T is the testing ground bound by the one ring formed of the void as the serpent swallows his tail. I am that I am. An anagram tongued in a magic of prisms, and echoed, and etched, and awaken me from it. The hidden geometry of hearts. The power of letters forming living words conveying Spirit.

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Hearts pulse to the rhythm of breathing, and we tune to that breathing by hearing the beats of our heart. Words pulse as living forces that touch the air sounding vibrations between us. Even written words partake of this vibratory power arising from the beat of our hearts. They appear on a page of paper, or perhaps on a screen before us acting as discrete packets of quantum energy. They enter our brains through our eyes as we read them. They sound in our inner ears.

And their sounds, those discrete packets of quantum energy, set off tiny sparks that leap across the dendrites and neurons in our cerebral cortexes. Instantly, every cell of our body feels and knows these words while our muscles reflexively respond, our heart beats faster or slower, and our noses twitch. Or our fingers tingle. Or perhaps, they do not. But every word we say, write, or hear affects us deeply. And together all these words form rhythmic patterns that translate into synaptical firing paths in our brains. Repeated words entrain these synaptical firings into patterns, and the patterns fall into grooves, and the grooves begin to go round and round in repetitive cycles that become our neuro-muscular habits.

As Newsday reports, the boys are from Mattituck, New York, and were both born prematurely and not expected to survive. They are now teenagers; and their story is inspiring every one who meets them. While Joe is a celebrated athlete at his high school, his brother John has quadriplegia as a result of cerebral palsy, and is non-verbal. But in the video, you see the beautiful way these brothers spend time together and connect, regardless of their differences. Joe helps his brother with daily tasks like dressing and eating.

As a mother of two boys myself, I was beyond inspired by the loving bond between these brothers.

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As you can imagine, the comments are overwhelmingly positive. The bond is so true and the love is unbelievable. Twins have a unique bond and that will never be broken. We go to the beach and on the boat together. Download the Astro Guide app by VICE on an iOS device to read daily horoscopes personalized for your sun, moon, and rising signs, and learn how to apply cosmic events to self care, your friendships, and relationships. The moon in chatty Gemini connects with communication planet Mercury at AM, making for a busy, talkative, and social energy. The moon enters nurturing water sign Cancer PM, encouraging us to focus on self care.

The moon connects with the sun at PM, helping our heads and hearts align and encouraging us to keep moving toward our goals. The moon in Gemini connects with your ruling planet Mercury, inspiring movement and flexibility. The moon enters Cancer, finding you in an amicable mood, especially as it connects with the sun. It's a great time to network!

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The moon in fellow air sign Gemini connects with Mercury, creating a social and chatty mood. You're also focused on your career as the moon enters Cancer, and your inner voice has plenty to say about your public life as the moon mingles with the sun, so make time for quiet meditation!

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The moon in Gemini connects with Mercury, inspiring deep conversations about power. The moon enters fellow water sign Cancer, inspiring you to explore the world, and it creates a harmonious energy in your social life as it connects with the sun. The moon in Gemini connects with Mercury, opening communication between you and your partners.