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You may become involved in some intrigue or secret affair, where it is important to maintain the highest of moral standards to avoid scandal and slander. Transiting Mercury conjunct Neptune can also impact on your thinking and communications in a positive or negative way. In its highest manifestation, this transit gives accurate psychic perception at all levels, with unbiased processing of this spiritual information. Ultimately, you can express these insights through compassionate, supportive and selfless words and thought projection.

In the negative expression of this transit, thoughts and words are twisted by misconception, irrationality, confusion, fear and paranoia. This results in deceit, treachery, lies, poison and all manner of underhand tactics. In I worked on a project where I had some assistants in my team and one of them contacted me a year later on Facebook and started hitting on me. He gave me a detailed description of some romantic moments between us during the project and a detailed description of what I wore, including a pair of white shorts.

After this I did his chart and he has Mercury conjunct Neptune. About the white shorts. Were they quite a long or just a mini? Do you have a Mercury-Neptune contact? I have this for my solar return at 0 degrees, A lot of Absent mindness and forgetting stuff. But I have been doing a lot of creative visualizations, they help. I have an 12th house mercury to so I can relate to a lot of the info above. How would this apply if the conjunction is making an opposition to natal Juno and Jupiter both in Virgo?

Dissolving hope? Menu Skip to content. Search for:. Arise from vulnerable places with an open mind. Your dawn is breaking, and the distant horizon is offering you adventure and expanded awareness. Libra, swan of the zodiac, you appear to glide gracefully with magnetism and charm atop the waters of life while paddling furiously below.

Rabbit Love Compatibility

Life is not static and we cannot control the actions of others, so the balance we seek is a perpetual act of negotiation. What felt like chaos at one point can now be viewed as freedom from patterns that no longer serve you. Swim in the direction you want your relationships to go. Energy follows attention, and you will do best by keeping your goal in sight. In January, July, and December, your work, ambition, reputation, and means of making money will all transform. Release those old insecurities you internalized during childhood. Jupiter in Sagittarius wants you to get curious this year!

Go around the block to get back home. Build your knowledge base by your preferred means, but learn! Your Queen, Venus, is in forward motion all year, ensuring ripple-free waters. Embody your inherent grace by balancing what you feel internally with that which you present to the world.


Scorpio, how deep is your your love? To measure this, we need access to the diamond mine you carry around with you. Your diamonds never lie to you. They form your crystal-clear perception that cuts through any bullshit. Suffering no fools, you do everything you can to protect yourself — but what are you protecting?

Through , Jupiter was in your sign, allowing you to deepen your understanding of yourself and what it means to have direct access to such power. This year, you get to align those teachings with your self-worth and how you value yourself. What did you unearth last year that can help you grow this year? Dig deep into yourself for the clear guidance you seek. Mercury has your back this year with its three retrogrades: March is the month to lean into enjoying life without seeking permission to do so.

Accept and celebrate that your creativity and personal expression is sourced from another dimension without explanation or justification. In July, come out blazing! Here, you can let down your guard as you gain trust in yourself. By October, your only task will be to negotiate how to get out of your own way. Uranus moving into Taurus is bringing dramatic shifts into your relationships over the next seven years.

Relationships are where your greatest fears are confronted, and where your greatest mastery lies. Unearth your fundamental understanding of relationships and rearrange the pieces to suit your renewed sense of self. Release whatever wants to go. Challenge yourself to move out of comfort zones in relationships and grow roots in yourself that you can share with others. You can have what you want if you do the work. Get your passport out, because travel of all varieties is on your horizon! Exploration is the theme of , and this year will expand your consciousness as well as your self-awareness.

Prepare to adventure both above and below the surface. While your tour guide Jupiter is leading you on adventures that expand your understanding of your place in this world, the three Mercury retrograde cycles will lead you below the surface to those emotional waters that can get overlooked when pleasure is your sole focus. In March, acknowledge any lingering emotions and stories that may plague you from childhood. Setting clear boundaries here can only empower you. In July, address any fears that hold you back from sharing your bright spark with the world.

In November, as the veil thins between the worlds, be sure to check in with your ancestors, past, present, and future. Jupiter wants to round you out this year.

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Being the life of the party is awesome, but remember that wisdom develops in the subtleties of listening — to others, to your body, to your fears. Uranus is changing signs and will inevitably change your routine and understanding of what health really is. The best thing you can do is keep those centaur hooves on the ground while you fly high. Your greatest tests this year are embedded in your self-esteem bank.

Both Pluto and Saturn are pushing you to work hard for the money, both figuratively and metaphorically. Let go of outdated beliefs that limit you. Whatever you want to get done, do it before your next birthday. Make that your goal. Point your bow and arrow toward what you want to uncover about yourself. Dismiss any distractions — aiming high will nourish your process. What makes a happy Capricorn? You are like wine — you improve with age, but require optimal conditions to ensure the richest return.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn fan the flames of transformation, changing you before your very eyes. Your challenge is to face yourself. Fear is both your lifelong antagonist and the doorway to self-mastery.

The Capricorn Effect - Part Two | Jessica Adams

Be mindful that while limitations are a necessary part of your structure, deprivation of that which nourishes you is not cool, Cap. Adjust your trajectory during April through September as Saturn goes retrograde. Cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself, release any fears that keep you isolated, and open up to love and lessons from others. They may possess the map to guide you through this new landscape.

Air signs are primarily concerned with ideas, communication, and connections. You, Aquarius, are uniquely tuned into collective needs.

Sagittarius 2017

This is a necessary stage in your journey. You are being asked to clear the decks. Such information is vital for you to have in your awareness tool kit, because you will soon be asked to show the world how you wield your power. In preparation, there is much for you to let go of. The eclipses in January, July, and December will provide the requisite opportunities. Release ancestral stories and fears that inhibit the expression of your uniquely weird and wonderful self. Use these times to interrogate how you connect with your emotions. As Uranus moves through Taurus over the next seven years, your very foundations are shifting.

This could mean a physical move, or an internal shift that brings you home. Enjoy an expansion to your social circle from Jupiter until December, and be attentive to what these newcomers might reveal to you. Pisces, you are alpha, omega, and all the space between. This confusion has been a cloud hovering over you for the last few years. Your fish have been tirelessly trying to find the way through.

ARIES August 2018 - Extended Monthly Intuitive Tarot Reading by Nicholas Ashbaugh

Let the waves of Neptune in Pisces bring inspiration and insight, and allow clarity to light any obstacle steering you off course. Do what you do best: Trust your intuition and go with the flow.

Resistance is futile, and you know the answers anyway. Get clear on where you stand without influence from others. In July, take some self-care days and do things that return the spark to your life. In November, pull all of your mystical books off the shelf. Give away those that no longer speak to you, and devour those that help guide you home.

Your guru, Jupiter, is home to roost in Sagittarius, and this brings plenty of growth as well as an invitation to press play on the dreams and visions you've been nurturing. As the saying goes, you can never step in the same river twice, so remember to stop, breathe, and assess your trajectory while building faith in yourself. Get the best of what's queer. Sign up for our weekly newsletter here.

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